Multi fuel boilers

multi fuel boilers

 MULTIMAX - double chamber boilers with feeding system for pea coal, fine coal, pellet and wood.


The best combination of two boilers in one ! It has two combustion chambers and fuel can be delivered in manual or automatic way. Using the most popular solid fuels makes your boiler room an independent and versatil heat factory. 

Multimax boilers are equipped with a rotary retort burner with secondary air nozzle designed to burn loose fuels supplied from the hopper: pea coal, fine coal or pellets. Additionally, it has extensive fireplace with cast iron grates to burn wood logs. It fits (depending on the boiler power) logs from 0.5 m up to 1.0 m long!

Regardless to the way of fuel support choice , MULTIMAX boilers achieve superior performance - up to 88%, confirmed by the Central Mining Institute (GIG) in Katowice, with the highest 5th burning class!

Large hopper allows to load fuel once every few days. Intuitive use and accurate combustion process is provided by modern ST-480 controller, which controls  feeding system, fan and 4 pumps; hot water, central heating, circulation and floor heating . Thanks to additional modules  ST-480  is able to controll work of mixing valves and supports convenient control of the boiler operation through the room regulator or via Internet.

Ease of use increases the possibility of installing fuel hopper on the right or left side and the doors are also interchangeable.

Double chamber Multimax boilers are equipped with a range of devices which ensures correct operation - water temperature sensors in the boiler, fuel sensors in the hopper and a „Fireman” system -  a fire extinguishing  automatic system which protects the boiler against embers going back to the hopper.


multimax 1

multimax 2

multimax 3

multimax 4

multimax 5

Nominal thermal power [kW]
Approximate heating area [m2]100-160140-220200-310290-430410-620
Boiler weight [kg]3654174917051260
Water capacity [dm3]6475102140254
Load chamber capacity [dm3]7586134173423
Feeding chamber capacity [dm3]253253253354354
Diameter of smoke conduit [mm]160160160220220
H [mm]15491650167118441929
H1 [mm]13101409144515101608
H3 [mm]505505519526574
S [mm]10551079116111611618
Sg [mm]10901110120012001545
Sk [mm]406446545545810
Sz [mm]560560560560780
L [mm]6906907879261212
L1 [mm]951965105012501567