Pea coal boilers

pea coal boilers

GIGAR - Boilers with retort burner and automatic feeding fuel system to burn anthracite or fine coal.


Gigar boilers with feeding system have a large fuel hopper andautomatic pea coal dosing on a cast iron retort burner with a screw feeder . Stands out with a high thermal efficiency, reaching 87% and very good environmental performance (ICHPW in Zabrze certificate). The advantage of this type of boiler is its easy supply of bagged coal with very good parameters. Optional installation of a DUO burner allows to burn fine coal.

Hopper can be installed on the right or left side. Its large capacity allows for refueling every 2-5 days, so that the boiler service is limited to a minimum.

Boiler is easy to use and clean, thanks to the vertical heat exchanger. Quiet operation of a  NORD feeding unit makes the daily boiler operation very comfortable.

GIGAR coal boilers are equipped with ST-37 controller that precisely maintains set temperature of the boiler, controlling the operation of the fan, screw feeder, central heating and hot water pumps.


Product gallery and specifications:

gigar 1

gigar 2

gigar 3

gigar 4

gigar 5

Approximate heating area [m2]90-140140-230230-350350-480480-730
Boiler weight [kg]321406492640905
Water capacity [dm3]335566108193
Feeding chamber capacity [dm3]175253253354354
Diameter of smoke conduit [mm]160160160220220
H [mm]10971327134414521780
H1 [mm]9401180118013201599
H3 [mm]532532532561561
S [mm]10951125114712641560
Sg [mm]11761195124513201616
Sk [mm]463508580637726
Sz [mm]560560560560780
L [mm]6196837228791015
L1 [mm]87093599011101270