Wood burning boilers

wood burning boilers

MAXDREW - Wood Burning Boiler with upper combustion


The Maxdrew is designed to burn large logs, with a larger combustion chamber thereby extending the time between fuel loading and allows the use of larger pieces of fuel. This also reduces the cost of fuel buying.

The air for combustion is supplied by the dumper plate on ash door. The temperature in the boiler is controlled by enclosed chimney draft regulator.

Dumper plate on ash door improves burning of low quality fuels.

The innovative design of the turbulators slow down the flue gases and increase secondary heat exchange.

Maxdrew wood boilers have a universal door mounting (right or left), and leveling feet for easy installation in the boiler room.



Product gallery and specifications:





Nominal thermal power [kW]
Approximate heating area [m2]100-160140-220210-320
Boiler weight [kg]225258331
Water capacity [dm3]597083
Load chamber capacity [dm3]7586137
Diameter of smoke conduit [mm]160160160
Wymiary kotła [mm]H**9701070
H1 [mm]**803903903
S [mm]408448548
L [mm]692692792
L1 [mm]9659651065